How to Pay on Craigslist

We all know how great tool Craiglist is if it comes to buying and selling. It is also widely known that Craigs list is a awesome alternative for yard sales. I think it can even be called a virtual yard sale or a virtual thrift shop. You just brows through all the post that offer stuff of your interest – all that sitting comfortably in your own chair. You will probably always find something worth your attention. You search, You choose and You buy. But how to pay – You will ask? What are the payment methods? It all depends on the person that is selling product You want to buy and on agreement You make with him or her. Which method of paying should you choose? Which payment method is the safest so You will not become a craigslist scam victim? Well, here’s some cons and pros of possible payment options.

• Cash

Cash payment is very convenient and most of the time is preferred method both among buyers as well as among sellers. It's for sure the method we all are very familiar with, it’s quick and easy, and almost impossible to scams (unless You are doing business with a magician). The only way to make such a payment is to meet in person. As I mentioned in different article on – always pick busy places as a meet spot. You get the goods you’ve ordered and give the cash – all hand in hand. Very important - do NOT ever send cash via mail.

• Check

Check payment for your Craigslist best buys is perfect for items of high value, e.g.: used cars. The problem is that most times seller will be unlikely to give away his item without being totally sure the payment will process. It may be inconvenient for a buyer but would You give away a television set worth few hundred bucks without knowing that You will be paid for it? It is a option but if the best one? In some cases for sure but You have to decide that on Your own.

• Money orders

People who purchase pricey items, such as a new palmtop or a video game console, probably prefer to not carry big amount of cash on them. Paying by check also may not be acceptable for them as they would have to provide full personal information with it. So the option that appears here is money order. When you decide to pay for items from Craigslist by money order, remember to always purchase it from legitimate source, perhaps the United States Postal Service or a local bank. Legitimate money orders less likely will result in a holdup of delivery.

• Wired money

Firstly we have to say what wired money transfers are for. You use them to send money for long distances, e.g.: another country. And what Craigslist is? Online classified webpage for local deals. So probably if You are looking for a buy opportunity on Craigs list, You will make the deal with someone from the same town, city or state. That fact brings us to conclusion that your trade partner gladly will accept cash or checks or money orders. If You are asked to send wired money You should be very careful about it. It is NOT recommended payment method for Craigslist deals.

• PayPal

Ok – I will say it in the beginning. This is my favorite payment method. If You are a business owner - using ia a "MUST". Why? - You may ask? Well, it is easy, it is safe, and gives sense of security. Pay Pal scams is so hard to implement and gives so little for the scamres that it's believed to be the safest payment method. You can control your funds, You have transaction history, and mostly important, You have Resolution Center – if something goes wrong, You will not be left alone. PayPal will help You get Your money back.
Now, the question can be – so if Craig list is made for local market so why use it? The answer would be – for all the reasons mentioned above. Not all Caigslist dealers use PayPal, but some does. Ask if person You are dealing with uses it and if the answer is Yes pick this method (of course if cash payment is not available or preferable). GSDMVSF14527851