Most Common Problems While Using Craigslist

Craiglist is a great service but there are many search issues that users face. The most common and important issue is incapacity to edit a search results page. After performing a Craigslist search, you get a catalogue of news on a new page. This summarizes whole matched products rather giving detail results.

Second is incapacity to search multiple locations immediately. Craigslist is city-based, meaning you can choose your state and town. When performing a search, you can only search within posted area. This can lead into difficulty, when one wish to gets results from another area too. If you'd like to search multiple locations on Craigslist, you must perform multiple searches on different town pages. Sadly, this could take hours and infrequently even days. Some are just using Craigslist to compare products and costs. If you are one of those people, you required one or two hours or days.

Since there's no Craigslist save a search feature, you need to perform your search again. A substitute for working with above discussed features is to download a Craigslist desktop search tool. Common features include the power to search multiple locations and classes at once, as well as a Craigslist save a search feature, and more. After performing a Craigslist search, users receive a search results page. Sadly, the current page isn't editable. That means what appears on the page will stay there.

There's no Craigslist "save" search feature. You can't save your search results. This suggests you' required to come back and perform a new search again. As you can see, there are several search issues that Craigslist users face. A decent alternative to scanning classified site at once is to download and employ a desktop search tool. GSDMVSF14527851